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Live From Google’s Chrome Event: Chrome OS, Web Store, And More

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It’s finally here. Nearly a year and a half after announcing it, today Google is widely expected to launch Chrome OS, the super-fast, lightweight operating system that’s based entirely on its popular Chrome web browser. And we’re also likely to see the launch Google’s web-based marketplace for web apps, Chrome Web Store.

We’ve been tracking the development of Chrome OS since it was first announced (it’s an open source project, so it was sort of hard to keep secret), but there are still plenty of questions: what hardware is it going to ship with? What’s the price-point? And perhaps most important: is it going to really provide an array of web apps that make it a viable alternative to traditional operating systems like Windows and Mac OS X?

Sundar Pichai, VP Product Management, has taken the stage.
Three areas: Chrome, Chrome Web Store, and Chrome OS.

Chrome is growing very quickly. Last time, it reported 70 million active users in Chrome six months ago. These are primary users who use it day to day (Google is being conservative in the way it measures this). Now it has 120 million users.

Reason number one for this: Chrome is fast.

Brian Rakowski has taken the stage. Showing off Google instant baked into the omnibar — type in a letter, and it goes to the page you visit most often that begins with that letter (looks quite slick). Also showing off PDF reader that’s baked into Chrome.

Source: Live From Google’s Chrome Event: Chrome OS, Web Store, And More

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