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With Better Sharing of Intel Comes Danger

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Hugh Pickens writes “Ellen Nakashima writes in the Washington Post that after the intelligence community came under heavy criticism after 9/11 for having failed to share data, officials sought to make it easier for various agencies to share sensitive information giving intelligence analysts wider access to government secrets but WikiLeaks has proved that there’s a downside to better information-sharing. To prevent further breaches, the Pentagon has ordered that a feature that allows material to be copied onto thumb drives or other removable devices be disabled on its classified computer systems and will limit the number of classified systems from which material can be transferred to unclassified systems, as well as require that two people be involved in moving data from classified to unclassified systems. The bottom line is that recent leaks ‘have blown a hole’ in the framework by which governments guard their secrets. According to British journalist Simon Jenkins ‘words on paper can be made secure, electronic archives not.’”

Source: With Better Sharing of Intel Comes Danger

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