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WikiLeaks Took Advice From Media Outlets

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formfeed writes “According to the AP (through Google News), Wikileaks isn’t just sitting on the recent material so they can release it bit by bit to the press, as many people implied. On the contrary, it’s quite the other way around: ‘only after considering advice from five news organizations with which it chose to share all of the material’ are they releasing it themselves. These Newspapers ‘have been advising WikiLeaks on which documents to release publicly and what redactions to make to those documents.’ AP questions whether Wikileaks will follow these redactions, but nevertheless seems quite impressed by this ‘extraordinary collaboration between some of the world’s most respected media outlets and the WikiLeaks organization.’” I wonder if some of the anti-Wikipedia fervor evident among US lawmakers will also be brought to bear against the AP and other mainstream media sources.

Source: WikiLeaks Took Advice From Media Outlets

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