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Environmental Watchdogs Confused By E-Waste Practices

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retroworks writes with a California-centric story that might have parallels in other states, too: “The Sacramento Bee digs further into the controversy over E-Waste exports, and finds that environmental watchdogs doth protest too much. Remember how we were all urged to use a ‘Pledge’ Signing company to properly recycle our old computers and televisions? Remember how companies which didn’t ‘Pledge’ were accused of exporting toxic poisons by groups like Basel Action Network? The Bee’s Tom Knudson discovered that some of the loudest Pledge recycling companies used the exact same exporting brokers as BAN was attacking as ‘worst actors.’ One California firm exported 6.9 million pounds of raw electronics through the same export market which the environmental ‘watchdog’ attacked earlier this year… Whether or not the export market was ok to begin with, or continues to be unacceptable, the watchdogs still want to be the experts of who is the best ‘e-waste’ recycling company. Credibility, RIP.”

Source: Environmental Watchdogs Confused By E-Waste Practices

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