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Attack of the Trojan Printers

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snydeq writes “Security professionals are tapping Trojan horse access points cloaked in printers and other office equipment to infiltrate clients who want their defenses tested, InfoWorld reports. Attackers dressed in IT supplier uniforms drop off printers to a company for a test-drive. Once the device is connected to the network, the penetration testers have a platform behind any perimeter defenses from which to attack. ‘You can put your box inside a printer tray and glue it shut, and who will notice if there are one or two or three power cables coming out?’ one security researcher says of the method. A variant of the attack, presented by Errata Security at the Defcon hacking convention, uses an attack-tool-laden iPhone mailed to a target company to get inside the firm’s network defenses.”

Source: Attack of the Trojan Printers

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