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Patent Supports PSP2 Rear Touch Pad Rumor

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itwbennett writes “According to Electronista, a series of patents filed 13 months ago and published late last week by Sony Computer Entertainment America may confirm rumors of a PSP2 with back touchpad. Of course, they could also confirm the rumored PlayStation phone. ‘In either case,’ says Peter Smith, ‘exactly what interactions will be performed via the rear touch pad remain to be seen. Without adding a cursor to the display it couldn’t be anything very precise (in other words, you wouldn’t want to have to tap on a specific spot on the UI), but scrolling through menus, swiping to select items in inventory or panning around a map all seem like viable touch-enabled gaming UI interactions that you can do ‘blind.’ In shooter games you’ll often have a gun reticle (essentially a cursor) anyway so aiming could be done via a rear pad.’”

Source: Patent Supports PSP2 Rear Touch Pad Rumor

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