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Compiling the WikiLeaks Fallout

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Now that the world has had some time to process the quarter million diplomatic documents published by WikiLeaks on Sunday, the media landscape is rife with reactions, threats, and warnings. Some US lawmakers have complained loudly and at length, saying that “WikiLeaks is putting at risk the lives and the freedom of countless Americans and non-Americans around the world.” Secretary of State Hillary Clinton called the leak “not just an attack on America’s foreign policy interests, it is an attack on the international community.” The Guardian points out that it’s not the media’s job to protect diplomats from embarrassment, and other US officials seem to agree, focusing their wrath instead on the security practices surrounding sensitive information. The Pentagon and other agencies are looking at ways to tighten security, promising increased internal auditing and banning the ability of systems containing classified information to connect to thumb drives or other removable media. Meanwhile, few officials seem to be commenting publicly on the contents of the leak, which are sure to cause diplomatic problems around the globe.

Source: Compiling the WikiLeaks Fallout

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