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Early Look At Acer’s Iconia Dual Touchscreen Device

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iONiUM sends in news of an early glimpse at Acer’s upcoming Iconia laptop, on which they’ve replaced the keyboard area with a second 14″ display that accepts multi-touch input. “The upright display acts as the primary display, while the display that remains parallel with the surface generally serves as a navigation panel, alternatively displaying a roomy on-screen keyboard, a touch-wheel and other on-screen touch controls, or even an extension of what’s displayed on the primary display. The latter option effectively provides a dual-monitor mobile device for presentations or studying complex spreadsheets across both monitors, or viewing one document in one monitor, and another on the second monitor. The two monitors make the Iconia a hefty device — at 6.1 pounds it’s unlikely to be the device you throw in your bag for your commute.” Engadget has some pictures and a video of the device.

Source: Early Look At Acer’s Iconia Dual Touchscreen Device

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