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DHS Seizes 75+ Domain Names

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Many readers have sent in an update to yesterday’s story about the Department of Homeland Security’s seizure of torrent-finder.com, a domain they believe to be involved in online piracy. As it turns out, this was just one of dozens of websites that were targeted by Immigration and Customs Enforcement. “In announcing that operation, John T. Morton, the assistant secretary of ICE, and representatives of the Motion Picture Association of America called it a long-term effort against online piracy, and said that suspected criminals would be pursued anywhere in the world. ‘American business is under assault from counterfeiters and pirates every day, seven days a week,’ Mr. Morton said. ‘Criminals are stealing American ideas and products and distributing them over the Internet.’” The TorrentFreak article we discussed yesterday has been updated with a list of the blocked sites.

Source: DHS Seizes 75+ Domain Names

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