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RIAA Now Blames Journalists For Its Piracy Trouble

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adeelarshad82 writes “RIAA executives have written a letter to PCMag expressing ‘deep disappointment’ for publishing an article on Limewire Alternatives. While the article includes a disclaimer from PCMag that it does not condone the download of copyrighted or illegal material, RIAA executives believe that ‘PCMag is slyly encouraging people to steal more music.’ The letter goes on to ask PCMag to retract the article from their website. PCMag’s Editor in Chief has responded to the letter by stating that music industry’s charges remain groundless and that it reeks of desperation. He points out that PCMag covers all aspects of technology, which includes the products, services and activities that some groups and individuals might deem objectionable. He defends publishing the article by saying ‘We covered these Limewire alternatives because we knew they would be of interest to our readers. We understand that some might use them to illegally download content. We cannot encourage that action, but also cannot stop it. Reporting on the existence of these services does neither.’ PCMag has also refused to retract the article.”

Source: RIAA Now Blames Journalists For Its Piracy Trouble

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