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Open-Source Social Network Diaspora Goes Live

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CWmike writes “Diaspora, a widely anticipated social network site built on open-source code, has cracked open its doors for business, at least for a handful of invited participants. ‘Every week, we’ll invite more people,’ stated the developers behind the project, in a blog item posted Tuesday announcing the alpha release of the service. ‘By taking these baby steps, we’ll be able to quickly identify performance problems and iterate on features as quickly as possible.’ Such a cautious rollout may be necessary, given how fresh the code is. In September, when the first version of the working code behind the service was posted, it was promptly criticized for being riddled with security errors. While Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg may not be worried about Diaspora quite yet, the service is one of a growing number of efforts to build out open-source-based social-networking software and services.”

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