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Russia To Help NATO Build Anti-Missile Network

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Hugh Pickens writes “The Washington Post reports that Russia has agreed to cooperate with NATO on erecting a US-planned anti-missile network in Europe protecting the continent against possible ballistic missile attacks from Iran or elsewhere. The anti-missile coverage would be anchored by a US land- and sea-based deployment, reconfigured by Obama from earlier plans devised under the Bush administration. The new idea would be to link individual national missile defenses into the US network and place them all under a NATO command and control center with authority to respond to an attack. ‘We see Russia as a partner, not an adversary,’ says President Obama, hailing the NATO-Russian accord. President Dmitri Medvedev warned that Russia’s cooperation must be ‘a full-fledged strategic partnership between Russia and NATO’ and not just a nod in Moscow’s direction to spare Russian feelings while Europe tends to its own defenses in tandem with the United States.”

Source: Russia To Help NATO Build Anti-Missile Network

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