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Nokia Builds a Touchscreen Display Made of Ice

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hasanabbas1987 writes “Touchscreens have been with us for quite some time now and we have seen all kind of them, resistive touch, capacitive, multi-touch, etc. However, Nokia’s research lab in Tampere, Finland has developed a rather unique kind of touchscreen, a touchscreen made of ice. Well to be honest it’s not really a touchscreen for everyday use, nor is it very portable as the rig includes a projector and some infrared cameras which are connected to a computer, but after all it’s a touch screen made out of ice and that is quite remarkable. Nokia says that this ‘Playful experiment’ reveals that interactive touch displays can be built anywhere and we are very sure that Mr. Freeze from Batman will be highly interested in the project. Watch the MAGIC ice in action after the break.”

Source: Nokia Builds a Touchscreen Display Made of Ice

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