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How the ‘Tech Worker Visa’ Is Remaking IT in America

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theodp writes “Back in 2008, the Department of Homeland Security enacted a controversial ‘emergency’ rule to allow foreign students earning tech-related degrees in the U.S. to work for American employers for 29 months after graduation without a work visa. The program would allow U.S. companies to recruit and retain the ‘best’ science and tech students educated at the top U.S. universities, explained Microsoft. But two-and-a-half years later, it turns out the top U.S. universities are getting schooled by less-renowned institutions. Computerworld reports the DHS program is dominated by little-known, for-profit Stratford University, whose 727 approved requests for post-graduate Optional Practical Training (OPT) STEM extensions tops all schools and is more than twice the combined total of the entire Ivy League — Brown (26), Columbia (105), Cornell (90), Dartmouth (18), Harvard (27), Princeton (16), Penn (50), and Yale (9). In second place, with 533 approved requests, is the University of Bridgeport. In another twist, the program’s employers include IT outsourcing and offshoring ‘body shops’ like Kelly Services, whose entities snagged about 50 approvals, more than twice the combined total of tech stalwarts Google (15), Amazon.com (2), Yahoo (2), and Facebook (3).”

Source: How the ‘Tech Worker Visa’ Is Remaking IT in America

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