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Survey Shows 34% Of Non-AT&T Customers Would Have Purchased iPhone If Available On Their Carrier

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iPhone 4 customer satisfaction

Industry analysts have for long advocated the need for Apple to open up the iPhone to many more carriers in the United States. A study conducted last year by Kathryn Huberty from Morgan Stanley had revealed that Apple could nearly double its market share in the US by partnering with more carriers like Verizon.

Now a study by market research firm ChangeWave has backed these claims. 

In the latest survery report, ChangeWave has looked into the purchasing behavior of non-AT&T subscribers to see if the availability of the iPhone 4 on their carrier could have altered their purchasing decision. The study asked over 1200 consumers who had made a smartphone purchase in the past six months to rate their new handsets. An overwhelming 34% of non-AT&T customers have indicated that they would have chosen an iPhone 4 over their current purchase in that scenario. An additional 20% of the surveyed group noted that they were unsure. These numbers underline the disruptive effect the hypothetical scenario could have created. 

Apparently, Motorola and RIM could be the biggest losers if the iPhone 4 became available on the other major carriers. ChangeWave notes that 37% of recent Motorola smartphone buyers and 36% of Blackberry customers may have defected to an iPhone in the event of its availability on their carrier. On the other hand, 50% of Samsung customers and 54% of HTC customers reaffirmed their loyalty to their newly purchased handsets under the hypothetical event. 

iPhone 4 customer satisfaction

iPhone 4 customer satisfaction

Interestingly though, Motorola enjoys a good customer satisfaction rating with over 71% of the surveyed customers noting that they were “very satisfied” with their new purchase. However, ChangeWave points out that the latest Apple smartphone takes the lead in customer satisfaction with over 77% of iPhone customers claiming that they were “very satisfied” with their new phone. 

iPhone 4 customer satisfaction

What do you make of these survey findings? Do you think the rumored Verizon iPhone would help Apple take on competition from Android based smartphones better? Please share  your views in the comments section below. 

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Source: Survey Shows 34% Of Non-AT&T Customers Would Have Purchased iPhone If Available On Their Carrier

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