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Chess Terminator Robot Takes On Former World Champ

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Zothecula writes with this excerpt from Gizmag “For almost as long as we’ve had computers, humans have been trying to make ones that play chess. The most famous chess-playing computer of course is IBM’s Deep Blue, which in 1997 defeated the then World Champion Garry Kasparov. But as powerful as Deep Blue was, it didn’t actually move the chess pieces on its own. Perhaps that’s a trivial task in comparison to beating the best chess player of all-time, but it’s still exciting to discover this recent video of a chess robot that more closely fits the true definition of a chess automaton.” My favorite part: “Note that around the 2:45 mark Kramnik extends his hand offering a draw, but the robot – since it’s not fitted with any kind of optical device – just keeps playing, very nearly taking off Kramnik’s hand in the process!”

Source: Chess Terminator Robot Takes On Former World Champ

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