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RuneScape Developer Victorious Over Patent Troll

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An anonymous reader writes “Gamasutra reports that a US District Court judge has dismissed the patent infringement lawsuit brought against RuneScape developer Jagex discussed previously on Slashdot. Judge David Folsom last week dismissed online chat company Paltalk’s claims that Jagex infringed on Paltalk patents relating to online network communications. The judge’s ruling only resolved Jagex’s case. Microsoft settled with Paltalk for an undisclosed sum in 2009 after the online communication technology company sued over the patents in a $90 million claim. That settlement opened the door to Paltalk’s claims against other game companies, including Blizzard, Turbine, SOE and NCSoft. Paltalk alleged in the Jagex-related suit that it had suffered ‘tens of millions of dollars’ in damages. Jagex CEO Mark Gerhard said in a statement, ‘It is exceedingly unfortunate that the US legal system can force a company with a sole presence in Cambridge, UK to incur a seven-digit expense and waste over a year of management time on a case with absolutely no merit,’ and that Jagex ‘will not hesitate to vigorously defend our position against any patent trolls who bring lawsuits against us in the future.’”

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