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A Single Re-Tweet Lands Chinese Woman in Labor Camp

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lee1 writes “A woman in China has been sentenced to a year of ‘re-education’ in a labour camp for the crime of ‘disrupting social order’ after retweeting a joke on Twitter (which is entirely banned in China, but popular nontheless). Cheng Jianping had repeated a Twitter comment suggesting that nationalist protesters smash Japan’s pavilion at the Shanghai Expo, adding the words ‘Charge, angry youth.’ At the time, China and Japan were feuding over a group of uninhabited islands in the East China Sea, and groups of young Chinese had been demonstrating against Japan, smashing Japanese products; the tweet amounted to gentle chiding of the protesters. Ms. Cheng may also have been targeted because she is a human rights activist: she had signed petitions calling for the release of China’s jailed Nobel Peace Prize winner Liu Xiaobo. She has been detained in the past for several other ‘crimes,’ including criticising China’s Communist Party.”

Source: A Single Re-Tweet Lands Chinese Woman in Labor Camp

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