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Watch The Livestream Of The Web 2.0 Summit Here (Day 3)

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Watch live streaming video from web20tv at livestream.com

Today is Day 3 of the 2010 Web 2.0 Summit. We will be livestreaming the event all day right here for the folks at home and as yesterday proved, this year’s theme, “Points of Control” gets all sorts of industry people riled up. The event should  start in about five minutes at 10:15 AM PT.  Speakers today include Evan Williams, Jeremy Stoppelman, Matt Galligan, Brian Pokorny and Susan Wojcicki.

Here is the full speaker schedule for today all times are Pacific Time.

Point of Control: Education John Heilemann (New York Magazine), Ted Mitchell (NewSchools Venture Fund), Diana Rhoten (Startl), Davis Guggenheim (Waiting for Superman)
Ignite: OK Go, Rube Goldberg Machine Adam Sadowsky (Syyn Labs)
Gen Z: The Age of the Curator Katherine Savitt (Lockerz, LLC)
Picture Talking Brian Pokorny (DailyBooth)
Point of Control: You Toni Schneider (Automattic)
A Conversation with Julius Genachowski, Chairman, FCC John Heilemann (New York Magazine), Julius Genachowski (Federal Communications Commission )
A Conversation with Jeff Weiner, CEO, LinkedIn John Battelle (Federated Media Publishing), Jeff Weiner (LinkedIn)
Point of Control: Location Based Services Brady Forrest (O’Reilly Media, Inc.), Jeremy Stoppelman (Yelp), Matt Galligan (SimpleGeo), Cyriac Roeding (shopkick)
12:50pm Lunch
A Conversation with Frank Quattrone, Founder, Qatalyst Partners Bill Gurley (Benchmark Capital), Frank Quattrone (Qatalyst Partners)
Point of Control: The Cloud Tim O’Reilly (O’Reilly Media, Inc.), Paul Maritz (VMware, Inc.), Marc Benioff (salesforce.com), Andy Jassy (Amazon Web Services and Amazon Infrastructure)
The Mesh: Why the Future of Business is Sharing Lisa Gansky (The Mesh: Why the Future of Business is Sharing)
Ignite: Narrative Landscapes Krissy Clark (KQED Public Radio)
3:30pm Afternoon Break
Point of Control: Content John Heilemann (New York Magazine), Reed Hastings (Netflix), Peter Chernin (Chernin Entertainment & The Chernin Group)
The Perfect Ad Susan Wojcicki (Google)
A Conversation with Ev Williams, Co-founder, Twitter Evan Williams (Twitter, Inc.)

5:15pm Closing Reception

Closing Reception, Sponsored by TriNet


Source: Watch The Livestream Of The Web 2.0 Summit Here (Day 3)

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