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Facebook Inbox Throws Blow At Google… No Flinch?

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CWmike writes “Facebook’s new messaging system may not be a Gmail killer, but it’s definitely another blow in the growing battle between two Internet bigwigs. Facebook took the wraps off what it’s calling a modern messaging system on Monday. The new system is designed to handle the convergence of different kinds of messages — Facebook messages, IMs, SMS and e-mail — and bring them together under a single social umbrella. The system also allows users to have a facebook.com email address, though it will work with other e-mail systems like Gmail and Yahoo. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is adamant that it’s not intended to replace e-mail, but industry analysts say the new system will almost certainly draw some users away from Yahoo mail and Google’s Gmail. Meanwhile, Google CEO Eric Schmidt told Computerworld that he’s not worried at all about Facebook’s new ‘Social Inbox.’ ‘More competition is always good because it makes the market larger,’ Schmidt said, charging that journalists were hyping the rivalry: ‘As a group, you all are focused on the competition rather than the market getting larger. It brings more people in. We are all served by having everybody in the world get online.’”

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