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Web-Users Fall For Fake Anti-Virus Scams

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jhernik writes “Fearing their computers may be prone to viruses, many web-users download fake anti-virus software, only to find later that their bank details have been hacked. According to the latest research by GetSafeOnline.org, the UK’s national internet security initiative, a rising nunber of organised criminal gangs are tricking security-conscious intenet-users into purchasing anti-virus software to access their bank details. Posing as legitimate IT helpdesks, these fraudsters target internet users concerned about protecting their computers. By offering free virus checks, they normally tell consumers that their machines are infected and offer fake security software protection – usually costing around £30 – which is actually malicious software in disguise.” The fact that there is such a thriving market for fake AV scams really says something about the present state of the legitimate AV market.

Source: Web-Users Fall For Fake Anti-Virus Scams

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