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Live From The Facebook Event: Do We Have Fmail?

November 15th, 2010 11:48 admin Leave a comment Go to comments

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We’re here at the Facebook Event at Yerba Buena Terrace, and Mark Zuckerberg is about to take the stage to talk presumably Facebook’s new mail client, Project Titan. From what we hear this isn’t just an outgrowth of Facebook’s messaging feature, this will be a full on web client like Gmail except leveraging your social graph.

There’s been quite a lot of speculation since the invites went out last week on what this announcement would entail; Whether the general public would get POP and IMAP support and and whether we should expect @facebook.com email addresses or @fb.com email addresses as well what exactly being able to export your Facebook contacts to your Gmail and vice versa will mean  for users.

Stay tuned for updates and tune into the Livestream of the announcement, which starts at 10:00 am, above.

Source: Live From The Facebook Event: Do We Have Fmail?

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