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Where Do I Go Now That Oracle Owns OpenOffice.org?

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eldavojohn writes “So I noted that there was better support for my processor in the latest BIOS for my mainboard. After downloading the update, there was a .doc file containing flashing instructions. No matter, I have OpenOffice.org installed on this machine and just opened it up. And, as should be no surprise, there was an Oracle logo splash screen while OpenOffice.org 3.2 started up. At my job, I’ve had a less than favorable history with Oracle that I’m not going to get into — rather let’s just say I never want anything to do with them again. Including installing any of their software on my machine. So I’m facing a dilemma. I’ve looked into the forked LIbreOffice but that’s still in beta and I’m a little wary of depending on that. Has anyone used LibreOffice (it’s installing as I type this) extensively? Does it handle complex Powerpoint files okay? Is there some alternative out there that I’m completely overlooking for open source? Can anyone convince me that there’s no reason to fear the Oracle OpenOffice.org? Will it remain the de facto standard? Will it eventually lock me into a commitment with Oracle? If you get by without one of these heavyweight monster editors, what do you use and how do you handle doc, ppt, (etc.) extensions?”

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