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NSA Adds Kahn Collection To Cryptologic Museum

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Hugh Pickens writes “The Baltimore Sun reports that as recently as the late 1960s, the very existence of the National Security Agency was a closely held secret until a New York newspaper reporter named David Kahn published The Codebreakers, a 1,200-page blockbuster that would establish Kahn as the world’s leading expert on the history of cryptology, the art and science of making and breaking codes. ‘According to my editor, the NSA director flew up to New York to say it would be dangerous to national security, and unpatriotic, to publish it,’ says Kahn. Fast forward 43 years and now the NSA has announced it has added the David Kahn Collection to the library of its public anteroom, the National Cryptologic Museum — complete with more than 130,000 pages of original interview notes and 2,800 books. ‘For those who care about cryptology — what it is, how it works, where it fits into world history and culture — at some point, [they'd] want to look at the Kahn collection,’ says curator Patrick Weadon. ‘It’s an eclectic cornucopia of all things cryptological.’”

Source: NSA Adds Kahn Collection To Cryptologic Museum

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