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The Great Cyberheist

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theodp writes “In this week’s cover story, the NY Times Magazine delves into the mind of Albert Gonzalez, the hacker who is currently doing time (the longest sentence ever handed down for computer crime in the US) for masterminding attacks on the nation’s leading retailers, reportedly costing TJ Maxx, Heartland, and other victimized companies more than $400 million. And that may just be the tip of the iceberg. ‘The majority of the stuff I hacked was never brought into public light,’ said one of Gonzalez’s partners-in-crime. Another claims there ‘were major chains and big hacks that would dwarf TJX. I’m just waiting for them to indict us for the rest of them.’ Online fraud is still rampant in the U.S., but statistics show a major drop in 2009 from previous years when Gonzalez was active. While reportedly not a gifted programmer, even the Feds that Gonzalez two-timed admired his ingenuity, likening him to top CEOs. When asked how Gonzalez rated among criminal hackers, a prosecutor replied: ‘As a leader? Unparalleled. Unparalleled in his ability to coordinate contacts and continents and expertise. Unparalleled in that he didn’t just get a hack done — he got a hack done, he got the exfiltration of the data done, he got the laundering of the funds done. He was a five-tool player.’ Accounting for time served and good behavior, Gonzalez is expected to get out of prison in 2025.” Last June Rolling Stone ran a long profile of Albert Gonzalez written by Sabrina Rubin Erdely; they have dusted it off now that producer Eric Eisner has embarked on the development of a feature film based on Erdely’s piece.

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