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Fedora Project Drops SQLNinja ‘Hacker’ Tool

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simonb writes, “In what can only be described as a fit of insanity, the Fedora Board have declared a ‘hacker tool’ not fit for entry into their software repositories. Today your SQL injection tools, tomorrow your nmap?” The Register links the Fedora board’s meeting minutes. From the story: “The move came on Monday in a unanimous vote by the Fedora Project’s board of directors rejecting a request that SQLNinja be added to the archive of open-source applications. It came even as a long list of other hacker tools are included in the bundle and was harshly criticized by some security watchers. ‘It seems incredibly short sighted to reject software based on perceived legal usage,’ said Jacob Appelbaum, a full-time programmer for the Tor Project. ‘They have decided to become judges of likely usage based on their own experience. That is a path of madness.’ … [T]he board unanimously decided to add a new statement to Fedora’s legal guidelines concerning the inclusion of hacking tools. … Smith said the language is intended to clarify its stance on a class of software that can be used both to secure and penetrate protected networks.”

Source: Fedora Project Drops SQLNinja ‘Hacker’ Tool

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