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BlackBerry PlayBook To Be Priced Under $500 To Take On iPad

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A little over a month after RIM announced its 7-inch tablet – the PlayBook, RIM Co-CEO, Jim Balsillie has revealed in an interview to Bloomberg that the iPad competitor would be “competitively priced†below the $500 mark.

The Apple iPad, as you might be aware has its entry level version priced at $499. He also added that the product would be launched in the first quarter of 2011 – incidentally matching the time when Apple might come up with the second generation iPad.

The PlayBook boasts of a decent array of specs that includes a 7-inch multi-touch ready, 1024*600 display, the all new BlackBerry Tablet OS and well speced front and rear cameras. That said, another important factor to be taken note of is the fact that the sub $500 price would be achieved without any carrier subsidies. This is because the PlayBook does not offer either 3G or 4G data connectivity. While that could turn out to be a major turn off for some users, RIM has confirmed that it plans to add a PlayBook model with built-in cellular wireless in the future.

The PlayBook, as mentioned earlier, gets a 7-inch display, which is smaller when compared to the iPad’s 9.7 inch screen. The smaller screen size was criticized by Steve Jobs a month ago when he claimed that the optimum screen size for a tablet was “at least†a 10 inch. Steve Jobs had commented:

When we make decisions on 7-inch tablets, it’s not about cost. It’s about the value of the product when you factor in software”. 

He added that after extensive testing they found that a 7-inch screen was too small to be functional for users.

Incidentally, another 7-inch tablet is set to make its debut this very week on Verizon. We are talking about the Samsung Galaxy Tab, which is set to be priced at around the $600 mark – a shade cheaper than the $630 iPad on Verizon that gets 3G support. The iPad bundled with MiFi is also slightly more expensive. With carrier subsidies on Sprint and T-Mobile, the Galaxy tab would be priced at $399.

Simply put, a bunch of new Tablet offerings would be vying for your attention in the very near future. How well do you think will these new devices fare when compared to the iPad? Also, like we asked you a month or so ago, do you think the Playbook has the potential to be an iPad killer? 

[Via AppleInsider]

Source: BlackBerry PlayBook To Be Priced Under $500 To Take On iPad

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