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Iron Man Is Another Step Closer To a Reality

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arshadk writes with this excerpt from an article at CNN: “Inside a prosthetic shell of metal and hydraulics, Raytheon test engineer Rex Jameson is putting an XOS-2 exoskeleton through its paces. As the crowd watches, Jameson uses his robot hydraulic arm to shadowbox, break three inches of pine boards and toss around 72-pound ammunition cases like a bored contestant on the ‘World’s Strongest Man.’ The suit moves as he moves and amplifies his strength 17-fold. … Raytheon is seeking to develop the suits to help the US military carry supplies, and claims that one operator in an exoskeleton suit can do the work of two to three soldiers. If all goes as planned, the company hopes to see ‘Iron Man’ suits deployed in the field by 2015.”

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