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Microsoft Patents Foot Computing

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theodp writes “Microsoft Research has made it possible for a mother to surf the web while nursing her newborn, thanks to its newly-patented ‘foot-based user interface’ (FUI?). ‘In addition to causing health problems,’ explains Microsoft in the patent, ‘the traditional keyboard and mouse interface can be simply inconvenient in certain situations as well. In one instance, a mother with a baby in her arms is unable to easily perform simple tasks, such as checking email, on a computer.’ Users of the ‘Foot-Based Interface for Interacting With a Computer,’ however, will be able to move their feet and step on the floor a la DDR to execute various commands, such as deleting email or scrolling down the screen. Due to the usual foot-dragging on the part of the USPTO, the patent — filed for in 2006 — was essentially obsolete by the time it was issued on Tuesday, a week after Microsoft’s Kinect launch.”

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