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iPhone 4 Most Reliable But Less Durable Among Smartphones

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Just a month after SquareTrade, a third-party warranty provider released data, which compares accident rates of iPhone 4 and the previous generation iPhone 3GS, they have released the results of a new far broader study of over 50,000 smartphones covered by their warranty program.

According to their previous report, the iPhone 4 was found to be far more accident prone than iPhone 3GS

According to the Square Trade’s latest report, the iPhone 4 is the most accident prone device compared to other smartphones but when it comes to non-accidental malfunctions, the iPhone 4 is the most reliable smartphone. 

According to Square Trade, only 2.1% of iPhone 4′s would fail after 12 months of usage. Note that this is an extrapolated figure based on current trends because it has not been a year yet since the iPhone 4 arrived.


This figure turns out to be the best in the industry with the iPhone 3GS and Motorola having a malfunction rate of 2.3%. In third position was HTC with a 3.7% malfunction rate in the first year of ownership. BlackBerry scored the worst amongst these devices with a rather worrisome 6.3% of its devices ending up being broken. 


Coming back to accident rates, it is likely that 13% of all iPhone 4′s would suffer an accidental damage in the very first year. This figure is considerably higher than that of the iPhone 3GS with 9.4% accident rate. Thankfully for Apple, HTC and Motorola both haven’t fared much better than them with accident rate of 12.2 %.

Are you concerned that iPhone 4 is more accident prone or do you use a case to prevent accidental damage?

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Source: iPhone 4 Most Reliable But Less Durable Among Smartphones

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