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UK Terror Chief Blocked From Boarding Aircraft

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Jeremiah Cornelius writes “Two days before toner cartridges threatened western civilization, Britain’s Home Office minister Baroness Neville-Jones was en route to a Washington summit when she was found to have an over-sized aerosol can in her bag. While being questioned by airport security staff for transporting a container with more than 100ml of liquid, the Baroness seemingly took offense at being lectured on the importance of security procedure: ‘Of course I know how important it is,’ she said, ‘I’m the Security Minister.’ The Baroness is also former head of the British Joint Intelligence Committee, and was traveling at the time to discuss the war on terror with US security chiefs. According to a Home Office spokesman, trained in the use of the passive voice, ‘Liquids were inadvertently left in a bag. The item was removed and the Minister fully complied with subsequent checks.’”

Source: UK Terror Chief Blocked From Boarding Aircraft

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