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Flowdock Exits Beta With Its Evernote-For-Conversations

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There’s no doubt that collaboration software is an incredibly crowded space, yet many small teams often fall back on Skype group chat for their realtime conversations, perhaps supported solely by email and the likes of Google Docs. But IM conversations are hard to track, archive and turn into something actionable, especially when compared to more asynchronous and structured collaboration software. That’s something that Finland-based Flowdock, which exits Beta today, aims to address.

A sort of Evernote-for-conversations – although that’s an admittedly narrow comparison – at the heart of Flowdock is a nifty realtime browser-based group chat window, which resides on the right hand side of the screen, a little reminiscent of one aspect of Google’s now defunct Wave. But unlike your typical IM client or Skype’s group chat, messages can be tagged, hence the Evernote comparison, either on the fly or retrospectively.

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Source: Flowdock Exits Beta With Its Evernote-For-Conversations

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