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Critics Call For Probe Into Google Government Ties

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bonch writes “The National Legal and Policy Center has written to the House Oversight Committee to investigate alleged ties between Google and the Obama administration, specifically with regards to the closure of an FTC probe into Google’s Wi-Fi privacy breach, when the company admitted to having collected users’ unencrypted information over the course of three years. The NLPC compares Google’s relationship with the administration to that of Halliburton and cites the timing of a $30,000-a-head Democratic fundraiser at Google CEO Marissa Meyer’s home less than a week before the FTC ended its inquiry, where Obama made a personal appearance, as well as the fact that US deputy chief technology officer Andrew McLaughlin is a former Google employee. The NLPC further alleges that the FTC is tougher on other companies, issuing fines to Twitter and Sears for their privacy violations while letting Google off the hook after the company promised to improve its privacy practices.”

Source: Critics Call For Probe Into Google Government Ties

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