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Ads For iPad 2 Shot in New York?

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Eight months after the launch of the first generation Apple iPad, there are first signs of Apple getting ready to release the second iteration of the product in the next few months.

9to5Mac is reporting that Apple was busy filming ads for the next gen iPad in the last week of October 2010 at New York’s Pier 59.

According to 9to5Mac, Apple has chosen British fashion photographer David Sims to create the ads. 

The actors in the ad, according to 9to5Mac were all provided with the existing iPads. These would be then digitally altered during post production and made to look like the next gen iPad.

This indicates that the next generation iPad will be roughly the same size as the current iPad model. Most changes is expected to be under the hood.

Apple as expected was very secretive during the course of this ad shot, with actors particitpating in the ad asked to sign non-disclosure documents.

If that wasn’t all, there was a strict security cover to ensure that the outside world does not figure this one out!

Here is a video of a commercial shot by David Sims:

Josh MacDonald writing for TheAppleBlog speculates:

One concern is that, given the lack of any real tangible evidence of a forthcoming iPad 2, this could perhaps be a last minute holiday ad, as has happened before with what appeared to be new product shoots. Still, the timeline does fit, since Apple announced the first iPad last January, and only had to delay release three months to allow production to build up to levels sufficient for launch. This time around, with a robust production queue already in place, we could see the device reach consumer hands much sooner.

What do you think? And what’s on your wishlist for the next generation iPad? 

[via 9to5Mac]

Source: Ads For iPad 2 Shot in New York?

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