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Keep Tabs On Your Favorite Startups With StartupFollower

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From AdaptiveBlue to Zazzle, everyone has startups they go fangirl and fanboy over (hi Quora). To save you the trouble of obsessively scanning your RSS feed or setting up individual Google alerts, StartupFollower lets you subscribe to TechCrunch news about your favorite startups via email.

Using the Crunchbase API to find news, StartupFollower has a Google Instant-inspired interface which enables you to add and edit which startups you want to receive stories about. Just reply to the StartupFollower confirmation email and you’re all set to never miss Facebook’s next status update .

Creator Tim Suzman tells us that he plans on adding other publications as well as TechCrunch and eventually wants to set up email alerts for official company blogs and Hacker News. Suzman explains that he’s waiting to do it right i.e. find a way to dedupe multiple stories, “It seems like TechCrunch gets you pretty far in the meantime though.”


Source: Keep Tabs On Your Favorite Startups With StartupFollower

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