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Roku Now Licensing Its Media Player Design

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DeviceGuru writes “Roku has begun licensing its A/V media streaming set-top-box hardware and software technology to third-party device makers. Netgear, Roku’s first licensee, will soon offer a Netgear-branded version of the recently size- and cost-reduced Roku XDS box through Best Buy, Fry’s, and Radio Shack stores. Although Roku’s licensing move follows closely on the heels Google’s October rollout of the Google TV platform, the $60 to $100 Roku XD player design’s low-cost, low-power, compact design, and sheer ease-of-use make it a compelling alternative to Google TV, assuming Google’s platform results in prices like Logitech’s $300 Revue. As a small example, the Roku player most likely uses an inexpensive, power-stingy MIPS-based NXP processor in contrast to the Revue’s more power-thirsty, expensive, and spacious Atom processor.”

Source: Roku Now Licensing Its Media Player Design

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