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Hip Hop Mini War Settled On YouTube.

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Hey, I’m biased. About a lot of things, actually. But MC Hammer is a friend of mine. He did a 45 minute show during TechCrunch Disrupt that turned into a big acquisition celebration as well, for example. So, consider that full disclosure. He’s a rock star and he’s a gentleman. And he’s also pretty bad ass, too.

So when Jay-Z trashed him in a song recently, saying “And Hammer went broke so you know I’m more focused/I lost 30 mil so I spent another 30/Cause unlike Hammer 30 million can’t hurt me.”

Hammer’s response? A new song called Better Run Run, featuring some of the same dancers he had at our concert. And a Jay-Z lookalike that runs away from Hammer during the whole video. Then Jay-Z gets “baptized” at the end of the video.

That song, and video, is tearing it up on. 639,000 views on YouTube alone after a couple of days, and Hammer says there have been well over a million views across various hip hop sites.

And further proof that 90′s style east-west hip hop wars have become significantly less gangster as all these guys get older: Jay-Z sheepishly responds with this: “Hammer took it the wrong way.”

No shootouts in Vegas for these two, I guess.

Source: Hip Hop Mini War Settled On YouTube.

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