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Tesla Roadster Data Logging Format Reverse Engineered

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s1axter writes with word that “the data log format for the Tesla Roadster has been reverse engineered and documented, now available in Python. (Python script linked in the post.)” From the linked blog entry: “Not only was I given a $110k car unrestricted I was requested to see what ECU information is available, collect and parse the data from it. Tesla Motors periodically collects information from their vehicles presumably to see what real-world driving the cars see. On original Roadster models there is no method to collect this information remotely thus someone must go out to the vehicle and collect it. The owner of the vehicle saw this and wanted to know what information was collected on these service calls … Because I am a big fan of freedom to modify a program to fit ones needs, I have uploaded the … python script to parse Tesla logs.”

Source: Tesla Roadster Data Logging Format Reverse Engineered

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