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58-inch iPhone Table [Demo Video]

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iPhone Table

Not happy with the 3.5 inch screen of your iPhone? How about a 58-inch of multitouch goodness?

Folks at Table.Connect have developed a jailbreak app that projects the entire content of iPhone’s screen to the 58-inch multitouch table and also allows them to control it using multitouch gestures on the table.

MacStories reports:

The two guys in the video seem to access the Springboard just fine, they swipe between pages and launch the Photos app. It doesn’t look like a fake, as many readers claimed. The iPhone also seems to be able to output UI elements on that bigger screen just fine.

You can checkout the video of the 58-inch multitouch table:

We have no idea what this will be eventually used for assuming it’s for real but folks at Table.Connect believe that this will open up “wide range of possibilities of multi-person controlled appsâ€.

What do you think, real or fake?

[Table.Connect via MacStories]

Source: 58-inch iPhone Table [Demo Video]

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