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Report: Nearly Twice As Many Androids Shipped Last Quarter As iPhones

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In a report that is
raising eyebrows this morning, UK-based market research firm
Canalys estimates that total shipments of Android phones in the
U.S. during the third quarter were nearly twice as large as iPhone
shipments. Out of 20.9 million smartphones shipped in the U.S.,
about 44 percent, or 9.1 million, are running the Android OS.
Apple, shipped an estimated 5.5 million phones, or 26 percent of
the total.

Apple ships only one phone, the iPhone. And it became the single
largest smartphone in the U.S., surpassing all Blackberry phones
combined (with RIM shipping an estimated 5.1 million phones, or 24
percent). Apple’s market share in the U.S. jumped 4.5 percent
from the second quarter,
but the collective share of all the Android handsets now on the
market jumped by nearly 10 percent (from 34 percent).

On a worldwide basis, Canalys puts Android’s share at
about 25 percent, also larger than the iPhone’s global share
of 17 percent (and RIM’s 15 percent). These numbers are
surprising given the fact that Apple claims to be activating
iOS devices a day
, with Google a bit lower. Activations and
shipments are different, but they should be more or less in line
with one another. The numbers that have come out from both Apple
and Google suggest that Android and iOS devices are neck-and-neck,
not that Android is a length ahead.

Other market research firms such as Nielsen and Gartner have yet
to release their third quarter estimates. Will their numbers tell
the same story as the Canalys numbers? I doubt it.

Source: Report: Nearly Twice As Many Androids Shipped Last Quarter As iPhones

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