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Looking To Better Engines Instead of Electric Vehicles

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hlovy writes “Don Runkle thinks it’s engines, not batteries, that will make automobiles cleaner and more efficient. ‘We unabashedly say that we have the best solution,’ says Runkle, the CEO of Allen Park, MI-based engine developer EcoMotors International. The startup, which brought in $23 million in Series B financing this summer from Menlo Park, CA-based Khosla Ventures and Seattle billionaire Bill Gates, has designed an opposing piston, opposing cylinder engine that uses fewer parts than traditional motors do and generates more power from each stroke of the engine, CEO Runkle says. He says the ‘opoc’ engine is smaller, lighter, and less expensive than the motors already out there, and a more viable option than switching automobile fleets over to electrical power.”

Source: Looking To Better Engines Instead of Electric Vehicles

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