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Logitech Revue With Google TV: The Official TechCrunch Review

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My family and I have been living with a Google TV for a few days now and since I first installed it, I’ve come up some clever titles for this post. They’ve ranged from snarky to just plain mean, and, well, since I can’t decide on just one, I went with the boring one above. I can’t let all these classy titles go to waste. That wouldn’t be fair, and so, here are some of the nicer ones:

  • Google TV: Welcome to Beta testing
  • Google TV: Like Android 1.0 but on your HDTV
  • Google TV: Feels so good, works so bad
  • Google TV: Because Google only releases beta products
  • Google TV: Twice as many cons as pros
  • Google TV: Because managing unstable applications on your TV is good family fun
  • Google TV: Where’s my Gmail?

Got the idea? Yeah, it’s that rough. I can’t paint you a rosy picture of this beautiful marriage of the Internet and your TV because, well, the magic simply isn’t there. Yet. But I’m here to tell you that if the next TV you buy doesn’t have Google TV – or Google TV-like features – I’ll eat my handsome, stylish hat.

Google TV, as it stands, is a product in its beta round even though it’s not labeled as such. It’s not fully-fledged nor does it work particularly well. I resent that Google saw fit to use us as their guinea pigs but, but that’s how Google rolls. Think of this as Android for your TV – version 1.0 is garbage but just wait until you see 2.2. With several major updates and lots of little tweaks, Google TV will be the best product they’ve ever made. As of right now, however, it’s a sad mixture of random functions loosely held together by a fustercluck user interface.

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