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How Technology Gets the News Out of North Korea

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itwbennett writes “Kim Dong-cheol is a North Korean with ‘a double life,’ writes the IDG News Service’s Martyn Williams in a story on ITworld. ‘In addition to his job as a driver for a company, Kim also works as a clandestine reporter for AsiaPress, a Japanese news agency that’s taken advantage of the digital electronics revolution to get reports from inside North Korea,’ says Williams. ‘When we started training journalists in 2003 or 2004, getting cameras into North Korea was a real problem,’ said Jiro Ishimaru, chief editor of the news agency, at a Tokyo news conference on Monday. ‘Nowadays, within North Korea you are able to have your pick of Sony, Panasonic or Samsung cameras.’ The images they’re capturing are ‘often startling,’ and it ‘documents a side of the country the government doesn’t want the world to see,’ says Williams.”

Source: How Technology Gets the News Out of North Korea

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