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Blekko Launches a Search Engine With Bias

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Pickens writes
“Previous specialized search engines including Cuil, Hakia,
Powerset, Clusty, and RedZ–each had a special trick, but they’ve
all faded from memory, some after crashing in flames, some after
making their founders rich. Now Rafe Needleman reports in Cnet that
along comes Blekko whose claim to fame is that you can tilt your
search results
in the direction you like by using a category of
bias, like “liberal” or “conservative.” Categorization lists are
applied by appending a “slashtag.” The query, “climate change
/conservative” will give you politically slanted results, for
example. “Climate change /science” will restrict your results to
hits from scientific Web sites. Blekko won’t have a real, Web-wide
impact unless its concept–that bias is good and more aggressive
search filtering is needed –gets some traction writes Needleman
but “Blekko is a solid alternative to Google and Bing for anyone,
and more importantly it’s got great potential for researchers,
librarians, journalists, or anyone who’s willing to put some work
into how their search engine functions in order to get better

Source: Blekko Launches a Search Engine With Bias

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