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Land of Lisp

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Conrad Barski’s Lisp book, Land of Lisp, is out. There’s an example chapter implementing a Hunt the Wumpus remake. The book was previously mentioned with an April’s 1st special, War of the Worlds.

Comments? Critiques?


Lisp has been hailed as the world’s most powerful programming language, but its cryptic syntax and academic reputation can be enough to scare off even experienced programmers. Those dark days are finally over—Land of Lisp brings the power of functional programming to the people!

With his brilliantly quirky comics and out-of-this-world games, longtime Lisper Conrad Barski teaches you the mysteries of Common Lisp. You’ll start with the basics, like list manipulation, I/O, and recursion, then move on to more complex topics like macros, higher order programming, and domain-specific languages. Then, when your brain overheats, you can kick back with an action-packed comic book interlude!

Along the way you’ll create (and play) games like Wizard Adventure, a text adventure with a whiskey-soaked twist, and Grand Theft Wumpus, the most violent version of Hunt the Wumpus the world has ever seen.

You’ll learn to:

* Master the quirks of Lisp’s syntax and semantics

* Write concise and elegant functional programs

* Use macros, create domain-specific languages, and learn other advanced Lisp techniques

* Create your own web server, and use it to play browser-based games

* Put your Lisp skills to the test by writing brain-melting games like Dice of Doom and Orc Battle

With Land of Lisp, the power of functional programming is yours to wield.

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