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Ustream Cuts 4.5% Of Its Staff

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We’ve gotten word this morning that online streaming video service Ustream has laid off 9 people from its 200 person staff. With social news site Digg having other notable layoffs this week, it’s crucial to remember that startups often shed staff when going through product and business goal realignments. This is also the case here according to Ustream VP of Communications Lynn Fox.

“This is about us looking forward, we are totally pumped about our future and this is a way to get ourselves conditioned to meet our goals.” said Fox

Ustream, which has $87.8 million in funding, just launched its own Open Pay Per View and Ad Free Broadcasting services. The startup also recently made some key hires, including Fox, in order to better adapt to the changing landscape of online video.

While Ustream wouldn’t reveal what exact positions were laid off, if any former Ustreamers are looking for a job, there are plenty to be had here.

Source: Ustream Cuts 4.5% Of Its Staff

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