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Apple iPad Becoming a Hollywood Hot Favorite!

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Looks like the Apple iPad hasn't just caught the fancy of mere mortals like you and me. Apple's first attempt at making a tablet seems to have been a “hit” with people at Hollywood as well where it is gradually making its presence felt as an indispensable accessory to make lives easier for people in the industry.

When the iPad was first launched, many people did claim that it had the potential to change the way some people would lead their lives. But we wonder if they had imagined Hollywood actors and the film industry to be  a part of it! 

The vision was that students would use it as a digital texbook, doctors, as a patient database manager and so on. While that has definitely happened, what is also happening is a gradual surge of Hollywood actors and industry elites making the iPad a part of their lives.
A recent New York Times report details how the iPad in less than a year since its launch has now started to take centrestage in the lives of people working in various positions. Actors, producers, TV show judges, you name it, everyone is hooked! 

One the popular apps that is fact becoming a hot favorite amongst actors is called “Rehearsal” (iTunes link), which actually helps them to practice lines using just an iPad. Actress Dana Delany, who will be appearing in a forthcoming ABC drama “Body of Proof,” receives her lines digitally on her iPad where she practices her bit prior to the shoot using Rehearsal. She quips:

I think it’s the greatest invention in years."

The Rehearsal app imports the script for a television episode and can play out dialogues of other characters out and go silent when the owner of the iPad is supposed to say his/her lines. Brilliant, eh?


The iPad is not just limited to actors. Writers and producers too are using the tablet for various purposes. Writer Bob Orci, for example uses his iPad extensively for showcasing slide shows, snapshots of potential locations and photos of actors for his shows to his producers. Mr. Orci said in an interview:

When you’re carrying a little TV around, you bring the power of imagery to places that you don’t normally have it

Paula Abdul uses her iPad to preview her new dance show for prospective sponsors. Another actress Julie Benz uses her iPad purely for entertainment purposes during the breaks between shots. The list is growing by the day.

Apple products are now becoming parts of daily sitcoms and are even featured in storylines – all ending up providing free advertisement for Apple. According to a Nielsen report, there have been 2438 occasions in September when Apple products have appeared on television programs in the US. Even News programs seem to like them with the sets of  “Fast Money”  on CNBC and “Fox & Friends,” a morning show of Fox News -both featuring the iPads in their studio.

What do you think about this unexpected influx of the iPad to the glamor industry?  

[Via NYT]

Source: Apple iPad Becoming a Hollywood Hot Favorite!

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