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Potential ‘Avatar’ Gas Giant Exoplanet Discovered

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Luminary Crush writes “A gas giant of approximately 1.5 Mj (Jupiter Mass) was discovered on October 22nd around the binary star system HD 176051B. It’s not known with certainty which component of the binary system the planet is in orbit around at this point as both stars in HD 176051B are relatively Sol-sized (1.07 and .71 solar masses). Named 176051B b, this new exoplanet orbits within the star system’s habitable zone, and if mapped onto our solar system with relative distance from our Sun it would place the large planet between Earth and Mars. While it’s unlikely that such a gas giant could host life as we know it (though it’s hypothesized), the location of the big planet opens up the intriguing idea of the realization of some of science fiction’s famously habitable moons, Pandora and Endor. Look no further than our own solar system to see moons with the potential ingredients for life — just add heat.”

Source: Potential ‘Avatar’ Gas Giant Exoplanet Discovered

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