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How Do You Manage the Information In Your Life?

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An anonymous reader writes “How do you manage the multitude of information sources in your lives? How do you keep track of the electronics or programming projects you’re working on, or the collection of photos you took from your last holiday, or the notes and reading you’re doing to learn a new language? Do you have a personal wiki, a blog, or maybe a series of tablet based notes, or voice recordings? Or is it pen and paper, and a blank book for each different hobby? I’m a student, and like most of you, have a few different interests to keep track of (as well as work). But I realise I also have a little OCD, and struggle a bit to keep on top of information (whether hobbies or personal life) in a way that I feel I have complete control over. So how do you all do it?”

Source: How Do You Manage the Information In Your Life?

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