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Mystery of the ‘Chupacabra’ May Be Solved

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rhettb writes “The mystery of the legendary chupacabra, a beast said to drain the blood of domestic animals at night, has been solved, according to a University of Michigan scientist. Biologist Barry O’Connor says that most chupacabra sightings are are probably linked to coyotes with mange, a disease caused by the same species of mite that triggers scabies in humans. Severe cases of mange cause hair loss and thickening of skin in wild dogs and can lead to bacterial skin infections that produce a foul odor characteristic of the ‘chupacabra.’ Wombats and squirrels are also susceptible to mange, suggesting that chupacabra are found in trees and Down Under.”

Source: Mystery of the ‘Chupacabra’ May Be Solved

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